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!Important - Operation Callout
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27th Jan 2014

Hi VPO's!

VP_Cherry is the one that started this project, so I've decided to help him out with some materials. You can check his thread here.

Yesterday I saved 93 high res images of Battlefield 4 maps. These images are Overview of the entire map, map with flags and then zoomed in views of each flag.

This allows us to name each building or unit, so it's easier to do callouts.

The point of this operation is to know our environments as operatives so it's easier for us to attack and pinpoint out enemies.

Callouts are meant to be simple. So giving simple, but descriptive names will help your squadmate.

Tomorrow - Tuesday (28th of January 2014) TIme: 18:00 PM GMT Attend here.

There are ten maps and each map requires a lot of work, so we will go alphabetically.

We will start with: Dawnbreaker and Flood Zone.

After these two maps are thoroughly investigated, we could for fun play on Dawnbreaker and Flood Zone just to try out these callouts. I know it will we be difficult to remember just in one day, but this is just for fun way of learning.  

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29th Jan 2014

Roger Mr.Competitive
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